Davis backs proppants, so Gunn is better choice

OlympiaOctober 31, 2013 

I write to support the candidacy of Sue Gunn for port commissioner. While Jeff Davis is a good person, he says that certain port activities do not pose a threat to the people of Thurston County. For example, shipments of proppants. Proppants are aluma-silicate BBs used to prop open hydraulically fractured oil shale, deep below the surface of North Dakota prairie lands.

The past 150 or so years of industrialization have wrought sweeping changes to the face of this planet Earth that we call home. We have seen a massive extinction of species, while overall economic activity has grown to exceed the carrying capacity of the planet. Global warming looms as a major real threat to the future of all people.

Jeff Davis has not been realistic about support for fossil fuel pollution. Support for fossil fuels keeps these dirty fuels and discourages necessary development of alternative nonfossil fuels. We truly do need leadership with insight and courage to save the world, to respond to the potential for real change toward holistic sustainability.

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