Gunn would shift port from heavy industries

OlympiaOctober 31, 2013 


agree with other writers who cite the port’s bad business decisions in the past. Those heavy cranes that sit unused — the refrigerated warehouse — it all seems to stem out of a wish for a glorious future as an important industrial port. Commissioners have pursued contracts to ship logs to other countries and bring fracking materials here, for instance. But we are not a big industrial center and so we have had to offer big discounts to bring this kind of business to our little port. I think this must be part of the reason for the lack of profits posted by the port. (Yes, they post profits, but they do not subtract normal expenses as required for private businesses.) Those kinds of contracts do nothing for our quality of life here in Olympia. Big trucks spewing diesel fumes, dragging heavy cargoes around our city streets, don’t help us. I like Sue Gunn’s idea of the port as a driver of economic development right here in the community, better than the idea of our port as a driver of heavy industry.

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