Here’s why Obamacare has no hope of working

OlympiaNovember 1, 2013 

For some reason, people don’t understand that Obamacare will not work for the following reasons. Young people are required to purchase health insurance, since they are healthy their premium money will be used to pay for the uninsured. If you want healthy young people to purchase health insurance so they don’t use it and pay for those that can’t afford health insurance and you allow young individuals up to age 26 to stay on their parents’ insurance plan, doesn’t that do just the opposite of what you were trying to accomplish?

Individuals age 27 to 40 will be hit hard, insurance rates are more expensive and the fine is cheaper than buying an insurance plan so the government just reduced its income to operate Obamacare. Undocumented workers will still cross our borders illegally and are not required to have health insurance so when they get sick they will show up in emergency rooms and we all will still pay for them.

The insurance rates people see now are teaser rates. Insurance companies want your premiums, and once they pay out for new members’claims, they will raise their rates.

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