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Youth vote in Student Mock Election favors Mayor McGinn, I-522 (GMOs); rejects Eyman's I-517

OlympianNovember 1, 2013 

All votes are in from the school precincts. Good news for Initiative 522's labeling proposal for foods made using genetically modified ingredients. Not so good for Initiative 517, expanding protections for initiative-signature gatherers.

Staffers for Secretary of State Kim Wyman report that the Student Mock Election this year drew nearly 9,000 students who voted on mock ballots for a few of the hot-button issues in the off-year election. Students in grades kindergarten to 12 are eligible to cast votes, and the outcome may vary quite a bit from the real general-election results on Tuesday.

Read the agency's blog report here. Highlights: 

Students rejected I-517, the Tim Eyman-sponsored measure that seeks to increase protections for signature gatherers, expand access to places where signatures may be collected, and add another six months to the time period initiative sponsors can gather signatures.  More than 57 percent (5,087 students) voted against that measure, while 42.5 percent (3,760) favored it. The Mock Election voters gave a thumbs up to Initiative 522, which would require that genetically engineered foods be labeled. More than 62 percent (5,547) voted yes on I-522, while 37.7 percent (3,357) said no.

Seattle students were asked whether they supported incumbent Mike McGinn or challenger Ed Murray for Seattle mayor. Of the 383 students who weighed in, nearly 58 percent (221) of the Seattle students picked McGinn, while 42 percent (162) sided with Murray.

The mock votes began in 2004 under a former secretary of state, Sam Reed.

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