Research into cancer causes no longer being funded

LaceyNovember 2, 2013 

Your editorial on Oct. 11 says, “Americans continue to believe we will eventually find the cure that will spare us, or our loved ones, the trauma of a cancer journey.” A cure will never spare us the journey — you have to have cancer before you can try a cure. The only real “cure” is to find the causes and eliminate them from our environment.

Science has known for 40 years that most cancers are caused by nonphysiological chemicals entering our bodies, primarily from the petrochemical industry. Now that industry has an even better scam: sell the cancer-causing chemicals and then sell drugs to treat the resulting cancers.

When the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center was born, it employed three young scientists working on the cutting edge of how chemicals change a normal cell into a cancer cell. John was studying chemical changes, Tom was studying biological changes, and I was studying changes in gene function.

The director found that his ability to raise funds from corporations was being stalled by our work. Chemicals could not be allowed to be the cause of cancer. We were fired because our work was “antagonizing potential large donors” to the building fund.

The American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute long ago quit funding research aimed at stopping cancer before it starts. Research on cancer-causing chemicals is now totally dissociated from the cancer industry.

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