Compassion calls us to defeat the tea party

SteilacoomNovember 2, 2013 

When Jesus called us to “agape” love, he called us to compassion for the poor, the disabled, the elderly, the sick and the outcast. When Jesus said, “love your enemy,” he called us to free our own hearts from rage and revenge, through clarity and insight.

He did not call us to compromise with the hateful or communion with the vicious. He did not call us to embrace those whose politics oppress the most vulnerable, or those for whom patriotism means waving the Confederate flag of slavery and racism.

Tea-party Republicans have never been about budget negotiation or health care. From the beginning, they were about destroying our federal government and tearing down our president, whom they despise more than they love America.

Compassion for humanity calls us not to compromise with them but to defeat them: to defeat them in our town halls and state legislatures, defeat them in our courts, defeat them in the coming election.

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