Workers earned their Social Security benefits

OlympiaNovember 5, 2013 

Entitlements? The far right corporate spin machine has rebranded that word into meaning a freebie assumed and consumed by the undeserving. The main examples cited, negatively, are Social Security and Medicare. We have to reform entitlement spending, say congressmen bought by corporate dollars. Reality demands some questions. Didn’t recipients pay into those two programs, at least the retirement portion, for a long time? How then are they freebies? Aren’t they actually a return on investment to which one has a contractual right? One has no choice but to pay in while working, at a set rate, so how is the benefit received a freebie? Pensions are demonized as entitlements by huge corporations as they desert their obligation to employees who rightfully assume an honorable return on their contributions. How are workers, like airline, auto, public employees, then marginalized as greedy? Who is really undeserving? War industries, whose clout buys congressmen who shove weapons systems down our throat that the Armed Forces don’t want — our dollars wasted.

The Pentagon says the F-35 jet, started in 2001, won’t be finished until 2018, if then, at almost 100 percent over budget, costing $900 billion. The plane has 360 quality “issues.” Are these corporations entitled to that largesse? Oil companies often pay no taxes and get tax subsidies or rebates — again our dollars. Corporate welfare goes unmentioned by the spin machine, as does the cap on earnings taxed for Social Security, giving the rich a freebie. Reform those!

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