Divert some DOC funds to state’s infrastructure

LaceyNovember 7, 2013 

Re: your article on the state needing more prisons: It is very disturbing that DOC is asking for additional funds to be added to their two-year $33 billon budget. Common sense and statistics prove the tough-on-crime process is not working and only creating more crime and the revolving door of incarceration and a huge waste of taxpayers’ money.

The DOC budget should be diverted into mental heath clinics and living centers, drug rehabilitation clinics and living centers and tax incentives to employers to hire felons, educational grants to people wanting to become mental health experts and programs for youths at risk, plus more openings for drug court and mental health court participants.

Stop warehousing people with treatable mental illness and drug addiction that are not violent or a danger to society in prison where they get worse due to the violence in prison or the isolation and lack of treatment.

Money for DOC comes from the same funds that are needed for our state infrastructure – for roads, waterways, and the creation of jobs to do those projects. Treat these people’s illness and make jobs available so they can afford housing and then we will see a reduction in crime and there will not need to be more prisons.

Step up and start fixing what is broken.

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