Panhandling has gotten out of control in county

OlympiaNovember 8, 2013 

There has been a increase of panhandling in Thurston County and it has been changing from the single person to families. Why are officials allowing a parent to sit on a corner with their children? We as adults are supposed to protect our children from the troubles of the world, not take them to a street corner and beg.

What about the lady at Top Foods that has grandma in the walker with her. There has always been the controversy of “are they really poor?” Do you think any of these people are on services such as Medicaid and Medicare? If they get money from panhandling and are on services, do you think the income is being recorded?

Maybe we should make a system where they have to have a permit and that way the police can ask to see it. That way the Medicaid system is reported to that someone is receiving undeclared money.

For some reason, these things have become acceptable, but a bunch of motorcyclists bringing a lot of money and toys to our county are the ones shunned and told to stay home.

Wake up, Olympia, and stop giving them money. There are other ways to help.

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