Nation’s needs should motivate candidates

TumwaterNovember 15, 2013 

S o — just like the Christmas shopping season, the 2016 presidential campaign has already started — much too soon for me. In 2008 the liberal mantra was, “It’s time for a black President”. Now the cry is, “it’s time for a woman President”. Wait a minute! What about Native Americans? Will Rogers, part Cherokee, or Sitting Bull, the great Sioux chief, would have made excellent presidents compared with what we have now. I think it might be time we consider one of those folks. We could even lower the age limit to 18. Who cares about the Constitution? It’s irrelevant now. We could even open up the rules to allow noncitizens to run for the White House. Who cares about birth certificates? That is not a show-stopper any more. We settled that question five years ago, Don’t forget about the gays, lesbians or transgenders either. They could put a whole new outlook on the future of the nation. Don’t consider a business person. They might try to balance the budget or reduce the national debt. Heaven forbid! Enough already — it is never time to elect a president based on race, sex or any other physical attribute. It is always time to elect the best-qualified person, who can lead the country to be the best that it can be. A person who puts the nations’ needs ahead of personal gain or glory, and doesn’t make decisions based on how it might affect their chance for re-election.

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