Panhandlers aren’t the real problem

OlympiaNovember 15, 2013 

R egarding the Nov. 8 letter to the editor, “Panhandling has gotten out of control”: I’ve come to admire street corner solicitors for their entrepreneurial spirit as they spend hours at their self-created jobs. This is capitalism at its roots and perhaps these are the people to whom Mitt Romney, and others, and the Republican Party refer to as “job creators.” Panhandlers with children? Perhaps it was take your child to work day. Grandma in a walker? What a terrific marketing device! Let us leave the panhandlers alone and focus on the larger issue of a shrinking middle class, threats to public and private pensions systems (see Boeing’s contract proposal), attacks on Social Security and Medicare, stagnant wages, and inequities in income distribution, or there will be more of us joining the street-corner capitalists.

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