GOP extremists are torching the party

OlympiaNovember 18, 2013 

The engine of extremism is propaganda, and the Republicans have built a glorious propaganda machine. It has enabled them to censor stories that threaten their power, to silence dissent, to cover up their mistakes and to withhold from the public facts they deserve to know. The government shutdown and debt limit threat are the actions of extremist Republicans believing their own messaging. They have been taught that bullying America is both acceptable and necessary.

Their party has conditioned faithful citizens to turn a blind eye to this perpetual deception by a neverending chanting that both sides do — so it’s no big deal. Republicans live in a zero accountability machine. They attack America with mountains of lies but speak largely on party-controlled media where those who would point out the lies are silenced.

No citizens or officials can generate as much media as the Republicans. They dominate huge swaths, including the AM airwaves owned by its citizens. They use their media to manufacture endless truth poison that pollutes the American conversation. Today’s corporate media is party to, and profits from, this magnificent act of extremism. They give endless voice to known liars and happily suppress those few who speak truths.

Now we all suffer as zealots raised on propaganda go forth to tear down the fabric of Democracy while wrapping themselves in deluded patriotism. Extremism is fueled by the fire storm of propaganda, and now that propaganda is burning down a party and taking a nation with it.

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