Obama shows us his true colors

OlympiaNovember 18, 2013 

When nonvetted Barack Obama was elected president, he was often called “an empty suit.” No longer! Underneath his Hollywood-style facade is a raging progressive philosophy: The ends justify the means. Like Lola in the song: “Whatever Obama wants, Obama gets” — regardless of what he has to do to get it.

After all, who needs the approval of Congress when executive privilege can abort the Constitution. Caught red-handed? No problem! Just disguise chicanery and incompetence as Republican-created phony scandals. And whenever necessary, plead the Sgt. Schultz ruse, “I know nothing!”

What a deal we got when Obama took the throne — twice! A man at the top who forsakes integrity and then has his empty-headed minions trumpet his falsehoods. “I promise,” he declared, “you can keep your health insurance and your doctor. Period.” (Translation: “Trust me, fool; my re-election and Obamacare are on the line. And maybe you’ll even like your new doctor and meet new friends in the crowded waiting rooms.”)

Finally we’re getting the transparency Obama promised, but not in the way he intended. Any question now about Obama’s involvement in the cover-up of our murdered ambassador in Benghazi? The IRS used to weaken the tea party? Immoral political opportunism! What will be next? IRS abusive control of our health records? Political control of the economy (rejection of capitalism), propelling us toward bankruptcy? Our privacy records scanned by felons? The death of trust!

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