Football: 4A, 3A All-Narrows teams

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Olympia quarterback Derrick Becker fires a pass during Friday night's Spaghetti Bowl crosstown rivalry football game against Capital at Ingersoll Stadium on Sept. 13, 2013.

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All-league teams selected by the league's coaches ... 



MVP: Sterling Brown, RB, Gig Harbor, sr.

Offensive MVP: Derrick Becker, QB, Olympia, sr.

Defensive MVP: Andrew Schweiterman, DB, Central Kitsap, sr.

Coaching staff of the year: Bellarmine Prep


First team

QB: Conor Scalan, sr., Gig Harbor

RB: Marshaud DeWalt., jr., South Kitsap; Nate Golterman, jr., Bellarmine

WR: Mitch Fetting, sr., Olympia, Garrett McKay, jr., Bellarmine, Santana Johnson, jr., Gig Harbor

TE: Taylor Soete, sr., Central Kitsap

OL: Sam Campidilli, jr., Gig Harbor; Charles Christian, sr., Bellarmine, JP Forbord, sr., Olympia, Andre Scott, jr., Stadium; Owen Taylor, sr., Gig Harbor.

Second team

QB: Cooper Canton, jr., South Kitsap

RB: Cedar Frost, sr., Olympia; Vaughn Beebe, sr., Central Kitsap

WR: Logan Knowles, sr., South Kitsap; Noah Samsen, so., Gig Harbor

TE: Ben Cottrill, sr., Stadium; Braeden Neal, sr., Olympia.

OL: Jimmy Fish, sr., Olympia; Matt Hallis, sr., Bellarmine; Tyler Ludlow, sr., South Kitsap; Nathan Mix, sr., Yelm; Zach Ota, sr., Bellarmine; Brady Walter, sr., Central Kitsap

Honorable mention

QB: Lou Millie, sr., Bellarmine

RB: Nick Loftin, sr., Stadium

WR: Dylan Garcia, sr., South Kitsap; Brayden Maynard, jr., SK; Collin Courter, jr., Olympia; Reese Carlson, sr., Gig Harbor

TE: Nick Selden, sr., Bellarmine

OL: William Benbrook, sr., Yelm; Nate Ellis, sr., Gig Harbor; Elijah Klein, sr., Bellarmine; G. Paul Gicewicz, so., Bellarmine; Mohktar Mohammed, jr., Stadium; Kyle Murphy, sr., Gig Harbor; Forest Bingham, sr., South Kitsap.


First team

DL: Forest Bingham, sr., South Kitsap; Collin Crown, jr., Yelm; Alex Grant, sr., Olympia; Brandon Schmunk, jr., Gig Harbor

LB: Cody Burk, sr., Yelm; Erik Glueck, so., Bellarmine, Eric Ledesma, jr., Central Kitsap; Brett Villa, sr., Gig Harbor.

DB: Sean Barefield, jr., Central Kitsap; Mitch Fetting, sr., Olympia; Drew Griffin, sr., Bellarmine, Tre Scott, jr., Stadium

Second team

DL: Brion Anduze, jr., Central Kitsap; Marcus Burk, sr., South Kitsap

LB: Ben Cottrill, sr., Stadium; Andrew Kain, sr., Central Kitsap; Brandon Thompson, sr., Bellarmine.

DB: Hunter Talen, jr., Gig Harbor; David Woodward, so., Olympia

Honorable mention

DL: Joey Meinheit, sr., South Kitsap; Josh Newbill, sr., Olympia; Tyler Ludlow, sr., South Kitsap; Matthew White, sr., Bellarmine

LB: Channing Martin, sr., Central Kitsap; Aaron Rivera, sr., Yelm; Tausaga Tusi, jr., Stadium; Jamal Ervin, jr., Bellarmine; Nick Dionas, jr., Bellarmine; Noah Failaugu, so., Bellarmine; Mason Bradley, jr., South Kitsap; Ramon Marin, jr., South Kitsap; Clay Markoff, so., Olympia; Elijah dela Cruz, sr., Olympia.

DB: Cooper Murphy, sr., Olympia; Logan Knowles, sr., South Kitsap; Tyler Lee, jr., Bellarmine; Derek Buehler, jr., Olympia.


First team

P: Cooper Canton, jr., South Kitsap

K: Vernon Parker, so., Yelm; Matt Philichi, jr, Bellarmine

PR: Noah Samsen, so., Gig Harbor

KR: Tre Scott, sr., Stadium

LS: Brendan Grassi-Carbone, jr., Bellarmine

H: Tre Scott, jr., Stadium

Second team

P: Ben Cottrill, sr., Stadium

H: Logan Knowles, sr., South Kitsap

Honorable mention

Punter: Hudson Keffer, jr., Central Kitsap; Joey Bottjer, sr., Bellarmine

3A Narrows

MVP: Rayshawn Miller, RB, Lincoln, sr.

Offensive MVP: Isaiah Simpson, RB, Wilson, sr.

Defensive MVP: Patiole Pesefea, DL, Foss, sr.

Coaching staff of the year: Timberline


First team

QB: Jordan Kitna, so., Lincoln

RB: Andrew Paquin, jr., Timberline; Hayden Maliska, sr., North Thurston

WR: J’Maka Love, sr., Lincoln; Brandon Montgomery, sr., Wilson

Fullback: Josh Ramirez, sr., North Thurston

OL: Jake Grantham, sr., North Thurston; Anthony Perez, jr.; Foss; Dylan Reinhold, sr., Timberline; Royce Christiansen, sr., Timberline; Ben King, jr., Lincoln

Second team

QB: Julius Yates-Brown, jr., Wilson

RB: Marcus Johnson, jr., Lincoln; Devon Clark, sr., Foss

WR: Chris Reynolds, jr., Foss; Dionte Simon, so., Lincoln

FB: Jeff Winstead, sr., Timberline

OL: Alex Rice, sr., North Thurston; Zavier Mamoe, so., Mount Tahoma; Ben PuaPuaga, jr., Lincoln. 

Honorable mention

QB: Gabe Guetierrez, jr., Timberline.

RB: Keenan Wade-Herrera, so., Mount Tahoma; Jake Henry, jr.,Shelton; Sua Liufau, fr., Mount Tahoma

WR: Michael Sobotka, sr., Shelton

TE: AJ Ruffin, so., Wilson

OL: Hunter Ostenson, sr., Shelton; Devante Cruz, jr., Foss; Jack Springe, jr., Wilson 


First team

DL: Jake Grantham, sr., North Thurston; Billy Greer, so., Wilson; Chris Jones, jr., Timberline; Aliyas Fletcher, sr., Lincoln

LB: Grant Williams, sr., North Thurston; Brian Nault, jr., Shelton; Brennon Kaleiwahea, sr., Timberline; Kyler Stecker, sr., Wilson; BJ Hawthrone, jr., Lincoln

DB: Malakai Hicks, jr., North Thurston; Chris Reynolds, jr., Foss; Jeff Winstead, sr., Timberline; Marcus Johnson, jr., Lincoln

Second team

DL: Cole Stevens, sr., Timberline; AJ Ruffin, so., Wilson; Felix Atoa, sr., Foss

LB: Gordon Henry, sr, Shelton; David Harper, sr., Timberline; David Shin, sr., Wilson

DB: Michael Cocke, jr., Foss; Isaiah Simpson, sr., Wilson; Stevie Cleveland, jr., Timberline; Dehonta Hayes, sr., Lincoln; Tayvon Murray, sr., Lincoln

Honorable mention

DL: Alofagia Faalaavaau, jr., Foss; Kyler Hawkins, jr., Timberline

LB: Austin O’Malley, so., Mount Tahoma; Malik Smith, sr., Foss; Tanner Colburn, so., Wilson.; Alex Koshman, sr., Wilson; Connor Crump, so., Timberline

DB: Colton Hubble, sr., Shelton; Marcelus Potts, sr., Foss; Bacaari Kine, sr., Foss.; Garrett Reeser, sr., Timberline.; Alonzo Jones, sr., Foss; Rickey Perry, sr., Wilson; Trent Gallagher, sr., Timberline; Javon Watson, sr., Timberline; Darrien Rivera, so., Wilson; Shayne Carpenter, so., Mount Tahoma 


First team

K: Matt Longnecker, sr., North Thurston

P: Alvin Johnson, jr., Lincoln,

LS: Dylan Reinhold, sr., Timberline

Ret: Brandon Montgomery, sr., Wilson

Ath: Jonathan Dowell, jr., Timberline

Second team

K: Gordon Henry, sr., Shelton

Ret: Stevie Cleveland, jr., Timberline

Honorable mention


K: Henrique Tapias, sr., Foss


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