Anyone care to revive a citizen’s democracy?

November 25, 2013 

Judge’s — all male — political cartoon (Nov. 11) of America’s heritage and tradition (gun violence, slavery, genocide, racism, land grabbing) hit the nail of America’s woeful past right on the head.

Some 2,000 years ago my central European ancestors dealt similarly among their immediate neighbors, but had to keep at bay pilfering Mongol tribes, whose leader’s name (the Hun) the Brits mistakenly bestowed upon us victims.

Today’s Mongols live peacefully in their environmentally friendly yurts. America’s 400-year-old history, much maligned perhaps due to its misconstrued political truths of the day, has never been properly taught in schools or by the media. It took outsiders’ research to probe, poke and uncover hideous occurrences of baleful tales the various native tribes or colorful immigrants had to endure, of which prejudice was but one harmful part.

Big Foods, Big Pharma, billionaires are running the country like a Wild West show in which obstacles are shot down. Thus the once honorable idea of a democracy by and for responsible citizens ended. Or do you care to revive it?

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