Where in the South Sound is Santa visiting?

OlympianNovember 26, 2013 

Santa visits

Check where and when Santa will visit a neighborhood near you.

McLane Black Lake Fire Department Santa’s Sleigh Food Drive:

Dec. 2: Evergreen Shores.

Dec. 3: Camelot, Cougar Ridge, Delphi Country Club, Lake Lucinda.

Dec. 4: 60th Avenue, Black Lake Park (Cortez) , Black Hawk (Cavalier), Kirsop Village, Shalom.

Dec. 5: Salmon Shores, Countryside (Bronington), Mirasett, Fairview.

Dec. 9: Cedrona, Madrona, Rock Maple Apts.

Dec. 10: Westwood Estates, Cooper Glen Apts., Rainwood Court, Wesley Loop, Greencove, Country Club.

Dec. 11: Ashlynn Estates (off Overhulse Road), Wood Trails, Kaiser, Cooper Point, Tamoshan.

Dec. 12: Summit Lake, Wilson Road.

Tumwater Fire Department

Dec. 7: 4:30 p.m., Tumwater Hill.

Dec. 8: 4 p.m., Trails End, Henderson, Lake Susan, The Farm.

Dec. 9: 6 p.m., Elm Street, East Dennis.

Dec. 10: 6 p.m., Trosper Road, Eagles Landing, Louise Street, Fiesta Court, Allenmore.

Dec. 11: 6 p.m., Glenwood Park, Gold Creek.

Dec. 12: 6 p.m., Bonniewood, Thunderbird Villa, West X.

Dec. 13: 6 p.m., Sunrise Villa.

Dec. 14: 10 a.m., Walmart parking lot until 4 p.m., city of Tumwater Tree Lighting until 5 p.m., Tumwater High School area until 6 p.m.

Dec. 15: 4 p.m., Linwood, Lake Park Drive, Barnes Lake, Sapp Road, Simmons Mill.

Dec. 16: 6 p.m., Montair, Breckenridge Heights, Firlands, Mottman.

Dec. 17: 6 p.m., Sommerset, Westridge.

Dec. 18: 6 p.m., Hoadly Loop, Cathy Court, Lorne Street, South Street, Armstrong, Middle Primrose, Delta.

Dec. 19: 6 p.m., Alpine Villa, West Lee, Palermo Valley.

Dec. 20: 6 p.m. Make-up.

Dec. 21: 4 p.m., Make-up.

Lacey Fire Dist. 3

Will begin at 6 each night.

Dec. 5: City of Lacey Tree Lighting.

Dec. 9: 45th Avenue, Avonlea, and Stonegate.

Dec. 10: McCallister Park.

Dec. 11: Horizon Pointe.

Dec. 12: 31st Avenue Northeast, Christa Heights.

Dec. 13: Brentwood and surrounding area.

Dec. 16: Diamond Road, Sierra Drive Southeast.

Dec. 17: Jubilee, Willamette Drive Northeast.

Dec. 18: Wilderness.

Dec. 20: Lake Forrest.

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