Sea disposal of poisons is not the answer

OlympiaNovember 29, 2013 

It was with great sadness that I read in The Olympian that “destroying Syria’s stockpile of poison gas and nerve agents at sea is a possible alternative to finding a country willing to host the destruction, a spokesman for a global chemical weapons watchdog said Wednesday.” Raul Trapp told The Associated Press that using a sea-based facility would have numerous advantages, including the ability to position it far from populated areas. “In case that the chemical weapons are incinerated, experts would have to decide what to do with the liquid waste resulting from the use of water to quench and treat the gases generated as byproducts,” Trapp said.

We as humans, spirits in human form, have already greatly insulted Mother Earth by the toxins we have already spread. To consider discharging these additional poison gases and nerve agents into her seas and land bodies would destroy our oceans and lands. Since our government can’t even pass a budget; I can’t suggest you write your senator. I ask instead that you pray for Mother Earth. Close your eyes and picture or imagine Mother Earth and then place her in a big bubble of white light, sending her your prayers and thankfulness that she allows you to live on her back, and she provides you air/water/plants/animals to live off of while you are here. Humans have many untapped resources. If you are interested in this concept, research Esoteric Healing. Chief Seattle said a long time ago that “we are all connected”.

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