Change the name to Democare

OlympiaNovember 29, 2013 

Pundits have noted that President Barack Obama has stopped using the term “Obamacare” in reference to his signature legislation. The bill is so universally unpopular now that one can see why he is trying to distance himself from himself. But what shall we call it, if not Obamacare? Its official name, Affordable Health Care Act, seems inappropriate and even sarcastic as many who lost their policies are finding out. The new plan tends to cost more, not less, to give you less of what you want and more of what you don’t. If the president wants to distance himself from Obamacare, he could call it by someone else’s name. Since there is no way to blame George Bush, a more appropriate name might be Pelosicare or Reidcare since they helped author it.

It could just as easily be called Murraycare as our own mom-in-tennis-shoes appears in every photo supporting the bill, demurely standing in her assigned place to the left and behind Harry Reid. So much for women’s liberation. This law is too big for merely one person to take credit, but certainly someone should get the recognition for its fantastic promises, its unintended consequences, and outrageous costs to both individual consumers and the country as a whole. There is one group crying out for that credit because they stood together and, without even reading the bill, enacted it: the Democrats. So let’s call it as it is: Democare. After all, it is their baby.

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