Anarchists don’t amount to much

Olympia Boeing tax breaks are obscene OlympiaNovember 30, 2013 

This is an open letter to the vandals who defaced several downtown Olympia buildings last weekend.

Yes. You have your special, little circled “A.” But when you outgrow your little public tantrums, you will have to face this about your past: You were irrelevant. You changed nothing. You influenced no political debate. Your demands were meaningless. Your slogans unimaginative. Your bandanas cartoonish and trite. In short, you will have to face the fact that you were boring. Good luck with that. Airbus is going to set up shop in Alabama, one of America’s cheapest labor markets. The red right-to-work states have become the new China. The $8.7 billion recently granted Boeing is the largest single state-tax giveaway in the nation’s history. Now politicians of all stripes fall all over themselves to offer government training so Boeing need not shoulder those costs.

Do you find it acceptable to earmark badly needed training funds for a company probably planning to move south anyway? Both Airbus and Boeing recently posted record profits. Did they make it from selling the government $500 hammers? No, they made it by pleading poverty to their workers, and then trying to get rid of pensions, the cost of building and maintaining roads and utilities for their plants, and excessive tax breaks. Boeing simply wants to pay as little as possible in order to give it’s CEO a 20 percent raise totaling $27.5 million last year. Thus the American people are again asked to prop up a profiteer too big to fail. During the recent blackmail bargaining session, the Boeing Machinists stood tall for our beleaguered middle class. They did not sell out like Gov. Jay Inslee and Sen. Patti Murray. If the union wins, we all win. The Machinists are the thin blue line separating us from sliding into the minimum-wage, Third World landscape of Alabama.

Airbus and Boeing want you to have the right to work — for almost nothing. Not to worry, they’ll take care of the Boeing executives.

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