Light of Hope 2013: Lists of those in need

OlympianDecember 1, 2013 



The Olympian’s Light of Hope illuminates the needs of South Sound people who lack resources and the nonprofits that work with them. The number of people needing help and hope continues to climb. Here is a long list of people nonprofits say need help this season.



2013 is the 44th anniversary of Barb O’Neill’s Family and Friends. There is no paid staff. Over the past 44 years, our holiday meals tradition has increased to feed more than 3,500.

There are many businesses that help coordinate these endeavors, including WFSE Local 443, Costco, Batdorf and Bronson’s, Nisqually Automotive and Towing, Dirty Dave’s Gay ’90s, O’Blarney’s, Vic’s Pizzeria, The Mayan Mexican Family Restaurant, Red Wind Casino, Java Flow, Governor’s House Hotel, Hawks Prairie Restaurant, Northwest Smokehouse, Ben Moore’s, Pellegrino’s, L&E Bottling, MIXX 96.1 FM, FTE Magazine, Mills & Mills, Safeway, Top Foods, SafePlace, Olympic Credit Fund, Thurston County Food Bank, and all the individual community members who have made donations and volunteered as part of their holiday traditions.

Along with our annual holiday meals, Barb’s Family & Friends sponsors fundraisers and events all year, including:

Project Easter Bunny – Easter basket give-away; Splash Festival Fundraiser – Aberdeen; Capital Lakefair Fundraiser – Olympia; Oregon Trail Days Fundraiser – Tenino; Non-Perishable Food Drives (weekends in Oct., Nov., & Dec.) –Hawks Prairie Safeway, and West Olympia Safeway; Thanksgiving Meal – Hot meal, food basket deliveries, warm coats & blankets; MIXX 96.1 Radio Toy Drive – Toy drive radio-a-thon collection for Christmas; Community Christmas Meal– Hot meal, food basket deliveries, clothing, toys, and gifts (children’s gift boutique allows children to shop for parents, caregivers and siblings.

We have the following families in need this year:

Family A: A single parent family with four teenage children. Mom works full time, all of the teens have part time jobs, and together they make ends meet but have nothing left over. The oldest two boys are 16, and would like a Nintendo DSI, CDs, and gift cards for clothing. Fifteen-year-old girl would like zebra-striped twin size comforter and sheets, Justin Bieber perfume, and clothing gift card. The 14-year-old girl would like make up and perfume, music CDs or gift certificate for clothing. Mom would like lotion, bubble bath, and a DVD player for the family.

Family B: Mom and dad both work but are extremely under-employed, and unable to offer their three children extras. Two girls size 12 petite and 8 love pink and purple, need warm clothes, winter, gloves and boots size 4 women and 2 women. Would enjoy music CDs, books and cartoon DVDs. Their youngest child, boy size 4T, needs warm clothes, winter coat, gloves and boots size 11. Loves all action figures/super heros, thick page books and sports equipment. Mom would like a family membership to the YMCA or Hands On Children’s Museum. Dad needs a winter jacket, size 3X, and black sneakers, size 12.

Family C: A mom and 1-year-old daughter; daughter needs size 3 diapers, 18-months clothes and age-appropriate toys; mom would like size 10 jeans and medium size shirts and a TV for the home, and a bus pass for InterCity Transit.

Family D: Mom is a part-time student and works part-time with a 4-year-old boy. Boy needs size 4/5 warm clothes, size 11/12 shoes. He loves Avenger super-hero toys, Hot Wheels and Legos. Mom would like gift cards for groceries and gas.

To help any of these families, email Barb’s Family & Friends at, or call Rodney O’Neill, 360-485-9931.


City Gates Ministries is a faith-based community outreach organization operating in Thurston County since 1995. City Gates serves low income families, families fallen on hard times, the elderly, the disabled and the homeless.

Our mission is to come together as a community to help people in need. We distribute some very basic necessities of life (We help with rents and utilities, furniture, food, clothes, blankets, sleeping bags, provision for moms with children, and hygiene items) along with love and encouragement. Your tangible donations are resourced to families in need and not sold for profit.

We are currently in need of blankets, sleeping bags, large coats socks, and AAA - AA batteries. Become part of City Gates, Your financial partnership together helps us meet the needs that can only be met with finances.

As you read the Light of Hope page this year, please be aware the answer to someone else’s plight might rest in your hands. To learn more about City Gates, our programs and needs, and to sponsor our list of families this year contact us at 360-705-0291. Your call will be answered within 24 hours. Please visit our website at

Family 1: Single mother of four children: Head Start teacher struggles to make ends meet: 3-year-old girl needs clothes size 3, shoes size 9. Would like a doll house and doll house toys/people, baby dolls and accessories, Dora, Disney, or Nick Jr. toys, Magna-Doodle; 5-year-old boy needs clothes size 6, shoes size 13. Would also like Legos with Lego people/accessories, Lego cars or airplanes, Angry Birds/Mad Pigs toys, Magna-Doodle, any building toys with people, super-hero toys; 17-year-old girl needs clothes size small/medium teen, approx. 120 lbs., shoes size 8; 18-year-old girl needs clothes small/medium teen, approx. 115 lbs., shoe size 61/2, slippers, socks, warm robe, face cleanser, hair products, teeth whitener, bath products, coffee cup with lid, Walmart gift card.

Family 2: Parent with five children: 15-year-old boy needs size 38/30 pants, shirts size XL, shoes size 12, video games, likes music and history; 15-year-girl needs pants size 5 junior pants, XL junior shirts, size 7 shoes. Very girly, and likes to look pretty; 13-year-girl needs size 3 junior pants, large junior shirts, size 61/2 shoes, 12-year-old girl needs size 2 junior, shirts size large, shoes size 6; 7-year-old boy needs pants size 8, shirts size large (boys), shoes size 2, Legos, Star Wars, Angry Birds, and learning toys; Mom needs bathroom items and items such as pots and pans for the kitchen.

Family 3: 12-year-old boy needs pants size 14 husky, Faded Glory brand, “War of the Worlds” book, shirts size XL, shoes size boys 8; husband wears pants size 34x30; 18-year-old son likes books, music, and would like a gift certificate for clothes.

Family 4: 17-year-old boy needs pants, size 38x32, shirts size 2XL, shoes size 12W; grandchildren: two boys, 18 and 20 months, 18-month wears size 2T, 20-month wears size 4T; age-appropriate boy toys would be appreciated.

Family 5: Single mom works as a caregiver and has five children: 13-year-old girl wears shirts size L, shoes size 10, pants size 11 junior; 11-year-old girl wears shirts size L, pants size 16 junior, and shoes size 61/2; 9-year-old boy wears jeans size 10 skinny, shirts size 10/12 boys, shoes size 91/2; 7-year-old boy wears jeans size, shoes size 7; 31/2-year-old girl wears jeans size 6, shirts size small, shoes size 11.

Family 6: Single mom needs clothes for two children: daughter wears size 3T, coats, winter boots size 6; son needs boys clothes size 2/3T, coat, winter boots size 3-4, size 5 diapers, wipes, baby soap, three-layers drawers for kids clothes.

Family 7: Mom receives SSI and SSD, which pays for the rent. For kids, she needs: 11-year-old girl needs teen stuff, sports, music, and arts and crafts, warm winter jacket, pajamas, pants size 10, shirts size 14/16, shoes size 3; 6-year-old boy would like sports video games, outside play, music, age appropriate gifts; mom would like a warm winter jacket size 2x, warm water proof work shoes size 9; and food for Christmas dinner.

Family 8: Single mom of five kids, struggling to make ends meet, has 2-year-old girl who wears size 2T, and likes Elmo, books, and VeggieTales movies; 4-year-old girl wears size 4, and likes My Little Pony; 6-year-old girl wears size 6, and likes Disney Princesses; 9-year-old girl wears size 10/12, and likes Hello Kitty and crafts: 12-year-old girl wears size 14/16, and likes make-up and girly things or gift cards.

Family 9: Mom with heart disease needs Christmas items for her kids; 14-year-old boy needs shirts size L, pants size 38 waist; 11-year-old boy needs shirts size L, and pants size 14; 4-year-old girl wears size 4; 11-year-old boy needs shirts size L, and pants size 14; 12-year-old girl wears pants size 12, shirts size 12-14; Gift cards would be nice as well.

Family 10: Single mom with 15-month boy needs clothes size 12-18 months, and age-appropriate educational toys.

Family 11: Mom, fiance and three children: 11-year-old boy wears size 14 pants, shirts size L, and shoes size 71/2; 8-year-old boy needs pants size 12 short, shirts size L, and size 4 shoes; 5-year-old boy wears jeans size 7-8, shirts size medium, and shoes size 21/2; mom wears size 9 women’s jeans, and medium shirts; fiancé wears size 30x32 jeans, shirts size M/L; and family would like help with food.

Family 12: Family of three on a fixed income needs help for son, clothing size 12 months.

Family 13: Mom of three needs help. 16-year-old boy needs shirts size XXL, jacket, jeans size 36x29, shoes size 12, Best Buy gift card. He is a sophomore in high school and excels in all subjects; 10-year-old girl likes Monster High dolls, clothes size 12, artist supplies, shoes size 4/5 in girls or 7/8 women’s; 4-year-old girl, needs clothes size XS/S, size 11/12, Pet Shops and other little figurines.

Family 14: Family needs frames for a queen and twin bed, dining table w/chairs, dishes, silverware, pots and pans; 16-year-old girl needs shoes size 7, shirts size extra-small, pants size 1, bra size 36C, underwear size small, socks, sweater size small, and would also like jewelry, headbands, perfume, make-up, eyeglasses (style), jacket, or gift cards to Forever 21 or PacSun; 17-year-old girl needs shoes size 81/2M, skinny jeans size 6, socks, underwear size medium, bra 32B, shirts size small (long-sleeved), sweat shirts size medium. Would also like: perfume, lotion, make-up, glow in the dark phone case for iPhone 4; 6-year-old girl needs shoes size 111/2, shirts size 5/6, pants size 6, underwear, socks, T-shirts. Would also like: Justin Bieber posters, Robot dog, Easy Bake, doll, books, puzzles, board games, tea set, bike; 10-year-old boy needs shirts size 8/10, pants size 8, shoes size 4, socks, underwear. Would also like books, board games, soccer ball, bike, building tools; 8-year-old boy needs shirts size 7/8, pants size 7, shoes size 2, socks, underwear. Would also like remote control air craft, books, basketball hoop, bike.

Family 15: 4-month boy needs clothes 6-9 months; 10-year-old girl needs clothes and a jacket size 7 junior and shoes size 5; 13-year old girl needs clothes size 12, and shoes size 7, and make-up.

Family 16: 3-year-old boy needs size 3-4T clothes; and 8-month girl wears 12-month clothing.

Family 17: 16-year-old boy would like an XBox, Halo video game, arts and crafts, Spiderman, Transformers, Batman, Lego sets, arts and crafts, pajamas size 12, shirts and pants size 12; 16-month boy wears size 18-24 months clothes, and likes musical toys, and soft cuddly stuffed animals.

Family 18: Mom and five kids: 12-year-old boy needs blankets and pillow, and would like a Star Wars sheet set size Q, also a special chair for his room to do homework, Star Wars chess set, anything with Star Wars, needs shoes size 101/2, socks, belt, white T-shirts size men’s L, big backpack for school books, gift card for a haircut, gift card for a baseball cap, gift card to a movie, gift card for school ID, something to listen to music w/head phones, Spark Scooter to ride to school; 17-year-old boy would like blanket and pillow for bed (dark green or blue), chair and lamp for his room, something to listen to music w/head phones, mountain bike w/chain, shoes size 101/2, socks, belt, gift card for new shoes and clothes, gift card for a hair cut, gift card for a baseball cap, gift card to a movie, gift card for school ID, gift card to Subway; silver chain w/cross to keep me safe; 16-year-old girl would like blanket and pillow (wolves–whales), sheet set queen, something to listen to music w/head phones, latch hook kit (Wolves–whales), gift card for new shoes and clothes, gift card to a movie, gift card to Subway, bra size 34C, sports bra for school, underwear size 5, and socks, white shirts and baseball shorts size M, necklace, bracelets, earrings, beads to make friends bracelets, candles, lotion set, make-up kit, purse, wallet, watch, silver chain w/cross to keep me safe, box of chocolates, sour candy; 14-year-old girl would like blankets and pillow, queen bed sheet set (animals or blue or dark green), bra size 34C and sports bra for school, panties size 4/5, socks, sneakers size 41/2 or 5, necklace, bracelets, earrings, candles, lotion set, make-up kit, purse, wallet, watch, beads to make friends bracelets, box of chocolates, sour candy, latch hook kit (animals, puppies, wolves eagles), gift card to a movie, gift card to McDonalds, gift card for haircut, Sparks Scooter, Holiday Barbie, paint set, silver chain w/cross to keep me safe; 14-year-old girl needs blankets and pillow, queen sheet set (blue or puppies), special chair for room to do homework, something to listen to music w/headphones, bra size 40C and sports bra for school, panties size 9, socks, white shirts and baseball shorts size XL, sneakers size 9, necklace, bracelets, earrings, candles, lotion set, make-up kit, purse, wallet, watch, beads to make friends bracelets, latch hook kit (animals, puppies, American flag), box of chocolates, sour candy, gift card to a movie, gift card to Subway, gift card for haircut, mountain bike, silver chain w/cross to keep me safe; mom needspaper towels, toilet paper, paper plates, shampoo, dish soap, hand soap, toothpaste, bath towels, face cloths, pots, pans, toaster, blender, pot holders, five Christmas stockings.

Family 19: Grandmother raising four grandchildren: 14-year-old boy needs blankets, pillows, queen-size sheets (Army dark green), cowboy boots size 101/2-11, shoes for PE 101/2, cowboy shirt size XL, white T-shirts size XL, pajamas size XL, zip-up hooded sweatshirt size men’s XL, socks, belt, basketball shorts for school size XL, model airplane, car, train rocket, gift card for a haircut, gift card for a movie, wallet; 12-year-old boy needs blankets, pillow, full-sized sheets (Halo), shoes for PE size 91/2 or 10, white T-shirts size L, socks, basketball shorts size L, wallet, watch, belt, zip-up hooded sweatshirt men’s L, gift card for a haircut, gift card for a movie, gift card for clothes, Sparks scooter; 10-year-old boy needs blankets, pillow, PE shoes size 5, white T-shirts size medium, socks, basketball shorts, wallet, watch, belt, zip-up hooded sweatshirt size men’s L, gift card for a haircut, gift card for a movie, gift card new clothes, Nerf swords, Nerf gun, pajamas size 16, robe size 16, slippers size 41/2, special plate, bowl, cup, glass, fork, spoon, knife, skateboard or Sparks scooter, checkers, art kit; 4-year-old boy needs pajamas size 6, slippers size 1 or 2, blanket and pillow (Toy Story), gift card for movies, gift card to McDonald’s, gift card for new shoes, robe size 6/7, Toy Story toys, Star Wars light-up sword, Hot Wheels and race track, action hero men, loves tractors of all sizes, water art set w/colors, and a Sparks scooter; Mom needs food for Christmas dinner, Pull-ups for baby, shampoo, soap, dryer sheets, bath tissue toilet paper, dish soap, hand soap, paper towels, paper plates, wipes, tooth paste, cookie pans, silverware, sharp knife set, microwave.

Family 20: Dad works full time but family is very low-income: 6-year-old girl likes Barbie, would like a robe size 10/12, Hello Kitty toys; boy needs clothes and pajamas size 18-24 months, high chair, and warm hats; mom needs shirts size 2X, bath towels, socks women’s size 11; dad needs men’s shirts size 3X, socks size 13, sneakers size 13W.

Family 21: Single mom of two daughters: 8-year-old girl needs clothes sizes 14/16 XL, pants, shirts, sweats, pajamas, shoes size 6, rain boots size 61/2, Lego Friends, craft and art sets, hair accessories, and twin-size sheets; 6-year-old girl needs pants size 7/8 medium, long-sleeved shirts, pajamas, shoes size 13, Barbies, Monster High dolls, Littlest Pet Shop toys, Crayola art set, Marker Maker, twin-sized sheets, bath stuff.

Family 22: Dad of eight has been unemployed and looking for work. Kids ages are 13, 11, 9, 8, 6, 4, 3, and 7 months. Family would like age-appropriate games and toys they can play together.

Family 23: Single mom and daughter need help: 15-year-old girl needs pants size 5 (prefers leggings), shirts size medium, she likes Seahawks and Hello Kitty, likes most music, and would like an age-appropriate Bible for a teenage girl; Mom likes to cook and bake, wears size 3X tall, and loves to draw and paint.

Family 24: Mom has medical problems that cause the cold weather to affect her, and dad is just starting a new job: 14-year-old girl likes volleyball, basketball, Christian hip-hop music, loves to look pretty and is into all the neon colors, enjoys drawing and painting, crafts with her friends. She wears size M/L shirts, 61/2 shoes, size 9 pants, jacket size L; 9-year-old girl likes princess and girly things, loves to read and write stories, her favorite colors are pink and purple. She wears size 7 slim pants, S/M shirts, size 31/2 shoes, size 8/9 jacket; 10-year-old boy likes to travel, likes big trucks, writing music, electronics, basketball. Wears size 7 regular pants, medium shirts, size 31/2 shoes, 7/8 jacket; 9-year-old son likes football, favorite color is blue, likes sports and outdoor toys, wears size 9/10 pants, size L tops, size 31/2 shoes, and boys L jacket; 4-year-old boy would like a skateboard, dirt bike, action figures and race cars. He wears size 4T tops and bottoms; dad needs work boots size 8, pants size 32x32, warm winter coat size L. He likes the Miami Hurricanes, country music and action movies; mom needs pajamas size L, slippers, robe or long john’s for the winter, Christian music, scary movies or love stories, new frying pans or crock pot, tops size L, shoes size 8, and pants size 12.


Community Youth Services (CYS) provides a continuum of services to improve the quality of life for homeless and high-risk youths and their families. Through 19 culturally relevant and client-centered programs, we help young people develop a sense of responsibility to themselves and to their community, make healthy choices as they transition into adulthood, and become productive, self-sufficient members of the community.

Services include family counseling, therapeutic foster care, street outreach, transitional housing, job training, juvenile diversion, emergency shelter, and community service through AmeriCorps programs. CYS follows a positive youth development model, involving youth in all phases of their program participation.

Our agency needs:

Gift cards, sleeping bags; tents and tarps; jackets; rain jackets, rain pants; socks and warm sweaters; hats, gloves, scarves; battery operated alarm clocks; bus passes; tooth brushes and other hygiene items.

Also need volunteers and tutors.

To arrange a delivery time, please call the office: 360-943-0780, Ext. 206. Street address: 711 State Ave. NE, Olympia, WA 98506. Online:


Information and Assistance/Case Management, a program of the Lewis-Mason-Thurston Area Agency on Aging, provides information and assistance with accessing a wide variety of social and health services to help vulnerable adults who struggle to remain in their homes. Most of our clients are very low income and have severe impairments impacting their ability to do basic day-to-day activities with needs that go beyond services available through community resources.

LMTAAA maintains a special assistance fund that helps these adults year-round with basics such as food, heat, electricity, housing, and medications in emergency situations. During this time of year, donations to the fund are also accepted and distributed for client-specific but less emergent needs. Warm clothing, pet care, and much-needed household items are often outside the budgets of those on small, fixed incomes.

Thurston County


To make a tax-deductible donation to one of these families or to the general Special Assistance Fund, please call 360-664-2168, Ext 133 in Thurston County. If the individual has already been helped, we can direct you to others, not on the list, with specific needs.

All new and unwrapped donations must be received during drop off times no later than Dec. 13 to ensure delivery to the clients by Christmas. We thank the community for the generous past contributions that have made the holiday season bright and touched lives throughout the year.

Donations drop off times: 9 a.m.-noon and 1-3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.


Client 1: 65-year-old woman lives alone on a very limited income and has severe food allergies. It is getting harder and harder to find food at the food bank. She would greatly benefit from gift cards to Winco, Trader Joe’s or nonperishable food items that are sugar-, gluten- and dairy-free.


Client 2: Senior couple in their late 60s living on an extremely small income that have a service animal with health problems would greatly benefit from gift cards for PetSmart and or gas cards.


Client 3: Client frequently uses the bus system in Lacey and Olympia, and would like a bus pass (preferably for a year, but will be appreciative of any amount) so she is able to continue utilizing the public transportation system.


Client 4: Client likes to maintain her independence as much as possible. She would appreciate an Intercity Transit bus pass (yearlong if available).


Client 5: Gentleman in his late 40s would like a coffee maker (8-10 cup) and would benefit from one with an auto shutoff.


Client 6: Client in her late 70s who struggles with vision problems, is requesting a warm blanket or a warm bathrobe (size large). She could use a gift card to Kohl’s or Fred Meyer to purchase items to help keep warm this winter.


Client 7: Client is low-income facing numerous physical ailments, including breathing problems. She is hoping for a gift card to Walmart or Trader Joe’s to purchase Ensure drinks for diabetics and gluten-free foods.


Client 8: Client in her mid-50s has two cats who are her only family and bring joy to her life. She would benefit from a PetSmart gift card to assist with purchasing cat supplies. Because of her digestive issues, she has food sensitivities. A gift card to Trader Joe’s would help buy food beyond what her limited food assistance can provide and would greatly decrease the client’s digestive flareups.


Client 9: Client recently moved into an apartment by himself. He would benefit from a Fred Meyer gift card so he can purchase household supplies (toaster, cookware, shower curtain and rings) and food for his diabetic diet that goes beyond what food assistance he has. Also, client doesn’t have a car or regular transportation and would love a yearlong Intercity Transit bus pass to go places around town easily and without taking away money from other necessities.


Client 10: This low-income client, in his 60s, who faces numerous mental health battles would greatly benefit from a gift card to Walmart to purchase winter clothes.


Client 11: A woman in her 60s who is low-income and struggles with mobility and mental health issues is in need of new undergarments. She would benefit from a gift card to Walmart to purchase items.


Client 12: This low-income lady has numerous physical and mental health problems. She would appreciate a Walmart gift card to purchase winter clothing and blankets.


Client 13: Client has a cat who is her primary companion. She would love a gift card to Walmart in order to purchase a supply of cat food. She heats her home with wood but has been unable to afford a proper supply for the coming winter. She would be grateful for a supply of firewood.


Client 14: Client is an avid crafter of tasks she can complete while seated. She would love a gift card to a craft store and/or a large retailer such as Walmart. Client would love help with pet food in the form of a gift card for a pet store or, again, a major retailer. She has also been attempting to obtain smoke detectors for her home, but is unable to afford these. She would be thrilled with two smoke detectors.


Client 15: Client who is in her 70s spends the majority of her days in her hospital bed in her living room. Client’s primary source of heat is her woodstove. Client runs out of wood frequently, giving her no option but to use costly electric heat. She could benefit from a load of wood to help during the winter months and also warm blankets to use on her bed.


Client 16: Client who is in her mid-50s, lives alone in downtown and is unable to drive and has many appointments that go beyond what her caregiver can assist with. Client’s primary mode of transportation is the bus. She would benefit from a yearly bus pass for a disabled adult.


Client 17: Client has had some unexpected financial struggles happen, making it very difficult to purchase groceries. Client is unable to travel to the food bank due to health issues, and would benefit from a gift card to Fred Meyer or another store to assist with grocery expenses.


Client 18: Client is in her late 40s with health problems, and lives alone with her three small dogs and cat. She is trying to keep her home clean and could really use a gift card to Walmart or Home Depot to get vacuum filters. In addition, she could benefit from a gift card to Petco so she can get food for her pets.


Client 19: Client is requesting a gift card to Walmart so that she is able to purchase food and household items. She also has three cats that provide her with good companionship and would benefit from a gift card to Petsmart.


Client 20: Multi-client home where both clients are on a fixed income and are in need of twin-sized bed sheet sets and extra blankets to get them through the winter.


Client 21: Client in her mid 70s, is requesting a gift card to The Home Depot. Client is trying to make her home more energy efficient for winter.


Client 22: Client is a woman in her mid-50s and lives alone with several severe health issues would greatly benefit from a vacuum cleaner.


Mason County

To make a tax-deductible donation to one of these families or to the general Special Assistance Fund, please call 360-427-2225, Ext. 101 in Mason County. If the individual has already been helped, we can direct you to others, not on the list, with specific needs.

All new and unwrapped donations must be received no later than Dec. 13 to ensure delivery to the clients by Dec. 25. LMTAAA’s physical address is 628 W. Alder, Shelton. We thank the community for the generous past contributions that have made the holiday season bright and touched lives throughout the year.

Client 1: A senior in a wheelchair who is on a very limited budget. She would appreciate a gift card for new winter clothes and home supplies from Walmart. She also has a cat who she loves very much and would like a gift card to help her buy food for her pet throughout the year.

Client 2: An adult male with developmental disabilities. He recently moved into a home after being homeless for a period of time. He would like a gift card to get new clothing and household supplies.

Client 3: A 50-year-old female with cognitive and physical limitations. She is on a fixed income and would like gift cards to get new clothes and books.

Client 4: A 43-year-old female who uses a wheelchair since a motor vehicle accident as a teenager. She would like a gift card to get some new clothes, shoes and slippers.

Client 5: A woman in her late 70s who lives by herself. She is very resourceful and makes her limited funds stretch to fit her needs. She has just suffered a major financial hardship that can’t be absorbed by her current income. She would benefit from rent, utility or food gift card assistance to help her through this struggle.

Client 6: A 58-year-old who uses a wheelchair and is legally blind. The client would like a gift card to get some new winter clothes. She is also in need of a flag for her wheelchair to make her more visible to traffic.

Client 7: A woman in her 50s who is nonverbal because of injuries in a car accident. The client enjoys dressing and rocking her baby doll. She would like doll clothes, shoes and accessories. She would also enjoy a gift card for new clothes for herself.

Client 8: A female in her late 30s who uses a wheelchair. She lives alone, but enjoys the company of her loving cat. She has very limited funds and would like a gift card to purchase warm nightgowns and slippers. She would also appreciate a gift card to help pay for food and supplies for her cat throughout the year.

Client 9: A man in his mid-60s who is battling cancer. The client needs to drink Ensure multiple times a day to try to put on weight for his cancer treatments. He is on a fixed income, and the cost of this is a struggle. The client would like a gift card to Walmart or another local grocery store where he can purchase his Ensure.

Client 10: A 49-year-old woman who lives alone. She is wheelchair-dependent and has multiple health issues. She enjoys craft projects and computer games. She would like a Walmart gift card to shop for some of these items as well as get some new clothes.

Client 11: A 71-year-old woman with multiple health problems. She is scheduled to have surgery soon and will be bed-bound during recovery. She would appreciate new DVDs to keep her busy during this time. She enjoys family appropriate musicals such as “Carousel” and “South Pacific.”

Client 12: A 77-year-old widow with limited mobility. She would benefit from a gift card to Safeway for groceries.

Client 13: A 65-year-old woman who recently moved to the area from out of state. She has had challenges getting all of her services started here and this has stretched her limited income greatly. The client would benefit from assistance with rent, utilities or a grocery gift card.


Since 1981, SafePlace advocates have offered safety and support to survivors of both sexual assault and domestic violence. Their work makes it possible for thousands of individuals to begin the healing process. SafePlace’s mission is to strive to put an end to sexual and domestic violence and advocate for personal and societal change through crisis intervention and education.

SafePlace provides life-changing services to survivors of domestic and sexual violence, including emergency confidential shelter; residential children’s program and support group childcare; 24-hour crisis line; In-person advocacy; community support groups in Spanish and English; information and referrals for other community services; client assistance funds; legal advocacy; support during and after a sexual assault exam; culturally relevant advocacy for underserved populations; and In-house Cambodian and Spanish translation.

24 Hour Voice Help line: 360-754-6300; 24 Hour TTY line: 360-943-6703.

To sponsor a family for the holidays, contact Derek, 360-786-8754 or

Below are our immediate needs for the shelter and families we are working with:

Gas cards in $20-$25 increments; twin-size sheet sets; twin-size blankets (not comforters, quilts or throws); grocery and department store gift cards in $10-$20 increments; fast food cards in $5-$10 increments; Intercity Transit bus passes; diapers and wipes; baby formula; toys for Christmas gifts; healthy kids snacks for support groups; paper towels; toilet paper.


The Olympia Union Gospel Mission began its work with the homeless and needy in 1995 through a street ministry outreach. Sandwiches and hot drinks were offered in an atmosphere of love and acceptance. Our goal was and still is to share God’s love in practical ways.

Today, the Olympia Union Gospel Mission has numerous programs. Hundreds of men and women are served each week. At the same time, we work to help individuals break the cycle of homelessness and poverty.

Meals, hygiene and addiction recovery services are ways we reach out to make a difference in people’s lives.

Our current Mission needs: Dental: Good quality, soft toothbrushes. Transformation Program: school supplies, NIV study Bibles, bath towels, deodorant, razors, shaving cream, shower shoes, daily devotionals, bathrobes. Street Ministry: Coats/jackets, hoodies, hats, jeans (especially waist sizes 32 and 36), tee shirts, sweatshirts, blankets, sleeping bags, shoes, white crew socks, women’s hair brushes, gloves, boxer style men’s underwear, cotton swabs. Kitchen: #10 cans of fruits and vegetables, fresh produce. Mission: White towels, white washcloths, low-sudsing laundry soap, travel-size toiletries, toilet paper, toothpaste, baby wipes, tooth brushes.

If you would like to send in a donation, please make your check payable to: Olympia Union Gospel Mission (OUGM). Send a check by mail to: Olympia Union Gospel Mission, P.O. Box 7668, Olympia, WA 98507. Drop of your donation at 413 Franklin St. NE, Olympia. Our office hours are 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday-Friday. Office phone, 360-709-9725; fax, 360-570-8848; email

To learn more about the Union Gospel Mission’s programs and services, go online to

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