Boeing executive needs a reality check

TeninoDecember 1, 2013 

The recent Boeing debacle shows how much Sen. Patty Murray and Gov. Jay Inslee are out of touch with their own constituents. While they were working out a deal with the great and powerful Jim McNerney, CEO of the big “B,” the rank-and-file middle class Machinists at Boeing were getting the shaft. All part of the “deal.”

McNerney, whose pension is 92 times greater than the average pension of the Machinists, needed those “little people” to take a cut in their pay and pensions in order to increase Boeing’s profits. One would assume that McNerney is better educated, a great manager, a real smart guy to qualify for his ludicrously exorbitant pension. However, on closer examination, we see that he has four or five years more education than the Machinists, good for at least twice their pensions; not a very good manager (refer to “Dreamliner” debacle) and deserves nothing for that — but real smart guy? At least 90 times smarter than the average Machinist, apparently, which gives him Godlike status. No wonder Murray and Inslee rushed to Olympia!

Perhaps McNerney should come down to Earth, reduce his pension by about 80 percent, then the Machinists and the rest of us could take him seriously. Oh, and Murray and Inslee, they’re smart too; they just need a little more education.

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