Health care act is still viable

LaceyDecember 2, 2013 

The Affordable Care Act is the best chance in over 50 years to provide health care for all Americans and control health care inflation. Republicans and tea party members are still trying to block, repeal, defund and obstruct in any way this law, which is already benefiting millions of Americans and is just starting to be implemented. Conservatives know that if ACA is successful, their chances of re-election and takeover of all branches of government are nil and they will remain an irrelevant minority party for a very long time.

Tea party members and many Republicans have a pre-existing condition: ignorance. Astonishing ignorance of how our economic and political system really works — its strengths, weaknesses and history. They have old fond memories of rural sick residents treated by a house call doctor paid for with a chicken or maybe a ham. Their worldview is tribal and with religious fervor they believe that anything someone else may get is taken from them. Their nostalgia for all things past is as most nostalgia “the poison of the future.” And we still have a progressive, intelligent, black president whom they simply cannot accept.

If all thinking Americans unite and resist this reactionary ideology, then social improvement is possible in spite of roadblocks, and our future is bright.

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