Morgan uses Ramtha school for political expediency

RainierDecember 3, 2013 

Glen Morgan of Freedom Foundation is not a friend of Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment or its students. In a letter to the editor in The Olympian, he says we are a victim of the Thurston County commissioners and Auditor’s Office. A new auditor was sworn in Nov. 26. Since the previous auditor was not outspoken about RSE, and Morgan refers to the county assessor later in the article, it appears he refers here to the assessor.

Morgan plays loose with facts and uses emotion to drum up support for his own agenda. He has been spearheading the STOP Thurston movement for quite some time and has aligned himself on some land-use issues with a diverse group of county citizens, including some RSE students.

Previously, Morgan always opposed and was highly critical of RSE, JZ Knight and my fellow students. For what purpose is Morgan now switching sides to come to the defense of RSE folks while denouncing county leaders?

Morgan takes his stand according to what is politically expedient. He only purports to befriend this cadre of RSE students who have joined in a common cause. He wants to to ride on our coattails and garner attention for his attack on the county.

As an RSE student, I deplore the tactic of feigning protection of RSE students as a pretense to attack hard-working elected officials.

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