Heinous atrocities earned comparison to the Huns

LaceyDecember 4, 2013 

Once again we were treated to a rambling lamentation by a lady who writes in regularly to assure us that the sky is falling (letter to the editor). Once again she decried the evil history and the hopeless present of our country.

A bit later she bemoaned the fact that natives of her “central European country” had mistakenly been called Huns by the Brits. It was no mistake. The Brits and Americans likened them to the Huns because of the heinous atrocities they perpetrated against the Belgians and French in 1914. Fast forward a couple of decades and they managed to crank up the Holocaust.

Call me a flag waver, but I’ll support our country against one with a history like that any day of the week. The bright spot is that both countries are now respected world leaders. I think we’ll be OK.

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