Rochester man arrested after allegedly pulling knife on gilfriend during shoplifting spree

Staff writerDecember 5, 2013 

A 26-year-old Rochester man is accused of forcing his girlfriend to act as an unwilling accomplice during a shoplifting spree Wednesday night, allegedly threatening her with a knife as she drove him from store to store, court papers state.

The suspect, Jacob Holman, was ordered held at the Thurston County Jail Thursday after a judge found probable cause to support accusations of first-degree robbery, felony harassment and obstructing a law enforcement officer.

Holman was ordered held without bail because his arrest Wednesday night violated his state Department of Corrections supervision. Holman is under DOC supervision because of a third-degree rape conviction in 2008.

On Wednesday night Holman allegedly ordered his girlfriend to drive him to Fred Meyer and the Lacey Walmart. Holman's girlfriend said he had become abusive in the last couple of months after he started using heroin and methamphetamine, court papers state.

Holman would demand the woman's keys so she would not drive off while he shoplifted, according to court papers. Holman punched his girlfriend in the head while they were at the parking lot of the Lacey Walmart, court papers state.

The woman alleged that her boyfriend pulled a knife out when she refused to give him the keys and said "give me the keys or I'll stab you and cut you to pieces," court papers state. She then gave him the keys to her car while he went inside the WinCo in the 7500 block of Martin Way to steal things, court papers state.

The woman then went to a customer service desk at the WinCo and called 911. A responding sheriff's deputy arrested Holman in the WinCo parking lot after he attempted to flee. Holman denied to the sheriff's deputy that he had struck his girlfriend.


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