Orcas pay rare visit to Budd Inlet

OlympianDecember 6, 2013 


A handful of orcas paid a rare visit to Budd Inlet on Wednesday. After receiving multiple calls from residents in the Boston Harbor area, Erin Keene of Cascadia Research Collective was able to snap photos of three orca whales as they headed south.

“By the time I got to Priest Point, they were right in front of me,” Keene said. “They were being very active.”

Keene said the orcas were feeding, splashing and showing their tail flukes before they took off to the north. Research group Orca Network was unable to identify any of the whales that showed up in Budd Inlet, Keene said. Orcas seem to come this far south an average of once a year.

On the Orca Network Facebook page, one commenter said she lost sight of the orcas just after 1 p.m. at Burfoot Park. Another commenter on that page said the orcas “looked to be female, judging from the size of their fins,” and were “zooming along, crashing through the waves.”

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