Health care act can deliver results

YelmDecember 10, 2013 

In response to Rick Taylor’s letter about “Democare,” it is obvious his only sources of information are Fox News and the Drudge Report. If he would have taken the time to read “real” news, he would have found out that in the eight years of the Bush administration the uninsured increased by 7.9 million people and that our current president only forwarded the previous Republican solution to health care reform.

In Washington state, we have had more than over 98,000 enroll in the Affordable Care Act, and in Kentucky the uninsured population has been reduced by 9 percent in two months. The states that cooperated with the ACA had few problems; in fact Republican states that rejected the Medicaid expansion will pay 15 percent more in health insurance. Overall, health care costs have slowed to historic levels. According to a Families USA report, only 0.6 percent of the United States population will face canceled “plans” and higher rates, but in return they will get much better insurance. Democrats should indeed take pride on the ACA accomplishments and when the majority of people see how much better the system gets, they will see the naked hypocrisy of the Republicans.

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