No harm done feeding the hungry

OlympiaDecember 10, 2013 

A couple at their own cost and with a resource or two feed the hungry and publicly pray with them in a parking lot at the corner of State Avenue and Washington Street, but the obstruction of that parking lot is a city ordinance crime. Now the City Council is replacing/has replaced that ordinance with criminalizing it. The new one violates the First Amendment’s rights to free speech, religion and peaceable assembly and a Florida federal court ruling more than 20 years ago that daily legal activities in public places cannot be infringed.

Not a peep out of the city attorney or prosecutor to stop that act of an elected body sworn to uphold and defend the state and federal constitutions and whose prime directive is the well eing of all the people in the city. Egad. All that holiday spirit and good will toward mankind. Hommina, hommina, oy vay. D’ya think?

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