Doonesbury cartoon was offensive

OlympiaDecember 12, 2013 

I was angered and disgusted by the decision to run the Doonesbury cartoon that appeared in the Sunday, Dec. 8, comics section. In the strip that is read by huge numbers of people, including children, what was even considered by printing the said “funny” using rape in the military as an acceptable strip for the Sunday comics?

I know you don’t employ the writer, Gary Trudeau, directly, but you have edited (and removed) his strips from the Sunday funnies in the past, and printed it later in the week in another section. The subject matter is serious and should not be diminished that is obvious, but also just as obviously I would hope you recognize this is not the section of the paper for it.

My son serves in the military as did my father and both grandfathers, so I find it highly degrading in that the military was portrayed that way. What is worse is that my 10-year-old daughter, who reads your Sunday comics, excels in school and after college might enter our military as an officer, was exposed to the issue of military rape in an area she looks to for giggles. Now our military fights for the rights of such people as Trudeau to publish his opinions, but don’t I have enough to concern myself with monitoring my daughter’s online activities and what and how much TV she watches without having to worry about what my “family” newspaper puts in its “funny paper section”?

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