Rape not tolerated in the military

LaceyDecember 13, 2013 

The so-called Doonesbury cartoon that was published in the Sunday newspaper should have never been printed, and at best, should not have appeared with the Sunday comics; alongside other actual humorous pieces. While I acknowledge the right for freedom of speech — I happen to defend it on a daily basis as an active duty Army officer and I understand that this strip is based in political topics — the use of rape allegations is neither humorous nor an accepted action within the military.

While indeed there have been cases of sexual misconduct between senior leaders and their subordinates, any report of sexual assault is taken seriously and investigated. By no means is any service member subjected to an environment where this is the standard or norm. In fact, the military as a whole has made tremendous efforts to increase the abilities to report any actions of misconduct, provide proper evaluation/treatment and fair investigations into all actions.

The military continues to outperform the efforts provided by our civilian counterparts. The producers of this comic strip owe all service members an apology and I feel that all newspapers should make a stand and stop printing their cartoon until that apology is given. They have discredited the honorable service of all service members by using a isolated example from 10 years ago that has been overblown by the media and congressional leaders. This is not the military that any of us serve in, nor is what this comic portrayed tolerated.

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