May Mandela rest in peace

LaceyDecember 15, 2013 

Today, we mourn a man of strength, courage, faith and optimism. A man who believed that hope was alive and peace was waiting with open arms. A man who believed that love was stronger than hate and evil was a barrier blocking the goodness in the world from spreading throughout. This man spent 27 years of his life buried in a cell of silence because of his defiant stance to bring unity to the people of a country that bears the first footprint of all mankind.

He was the embodiment of justice. He wore the armor of righteousness and carried the shield of dignity. He was a man who believed in himself, his people, his country and his faith. He was a father, grandfather, husband, great leader, philosopher, civil rights activist, Nobel Peace Prize winner, boxer and much more. This man laid the foundation and created a path to guide the world toward unity regardless of the personal beliefs or the individualized oppressive nature of those who seek dominance by violence, greed or injustice.

His example of forgiveness toward his enemies teaches us that sacrifice in lieu of ignorance is only a testament that we can maintain to obtain the goals and objectives that we believe are a justifiable cause for what we stand for. Now, our motherland has lost one of its strongest fathers, Mr. Nelson Mandela. May he rest in peace, and may God bless his family.

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