Homeless have some responsibilities

YelmDecember 16, 2013 

I suggest that Crazy Faith Ministries and other church groups involved in feeding the homeless on city property invite the homeless into their own homes.

These activists have unintentionally destroyed downtown Olympia as a livable community. I have friends with antique shops downtown whose businesses, along with others, have been damaged by this activity. So has the safety of those of us who like to use downtown Olympia. No one seems to care about those who invest their hard-earned money to keep this town afloat.

It’s unbelievable when the Salvation Army is criticized for having some basic rules and their services go 70 percent unused. They have been serving this population for more than 100 years and have experience that none of these upstarts have.

I administered a federal low income housing program for almost 30 years. I was an unabashed liberal when I started. My experience taught me that you can’t help 5 percent of the people. They have to reach the bottom, as Al-Anon and AA teach you.

The best remedy for chronic homelessness is to remind the homeless that they have a responsibility to be productive citizens. The mentally ill who can’t take care of themselves need to be taken off the street and, if necessary, judicially committed to half-way houses with services or mental health facilities. They need medication and care.

In the meantime, the Olympia City Council should actually study AA, Al-Anon and other treatment precepts to find out what really works.

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