Mandela no hero, but a war criminal

OlympiaDecember 17, 2013 

It is appalling how the U.S. and world media are making a hero of peace out of Nelson Mandela. The real historical facts are that Mandela was a lifelong Marxist-Communist terrorist who practiced and advocated violence against anyone including his own people who did not support his party, the ANC, and their terrorist tactics in South Africa.

As wrong as apartheid was, violence was not a solution.

Mandela during all of his years in prison was offered parole yearly if he would only disavow violence and bloodshed. Mandela, in his life, never ever renounced violence. Mandela supported every communist terrorist and brutal dictatorial government worldwide until the day he died.

Mandela is now trying to be sainted by the liberals, progressives and historical revisionists.

South Africa today is in total economic, social, and ecological ruin.

Mandela should have been tried as a war criminal.

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