Were county taxpayers cheated before?

SheltonDecember 17, 2013 

Is it unusual that a story about fraud by senior Thurston County road department employees would be printed in the Saturday edition of The Olympian?

“The three men are all road crew chiefs, and they’ve been suspended for six work days without pay … two of the men, Tim Kjorlaug and Mike MacAuley, have been employed with the county for 30 years; the other one, Brian Nurmi, has been there for 20 years.”

Their blatant attempt to cheat the taxpayers is bad enough, but not getting caught by any internal audit process the county has to detect such behavior is more worrisome. “County officials were tipped off that the workers might not have attended the conference Oct. 22-25 when they were contacted by someone at the hotel, reporting that the men hadn’t appeared to use the rooms.”

Doesn’t it worry taxpayers that these three missed this technical training? Or the example they set to junior county employees? And with their combined 80 years of service, how much else did they let slip by on road repairs, timecards, other training sessions, etc.

There is more to this story, Olympian editors. Pursue it!

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