City should leave officer at Olympia High School

OlympiaDecember 19, 2013 

It is with great concern that I write this letter urging our community to pressure the Olympia Police Department to reinstate Officer Curtright at Olympia High School. This week is the last week that he will be stationed at the OHS campus. This is because the homeless crisis downtown is forcing the OPD to choose dealing with those people over keeping our high school with nearly 2,000 students safe.

Let’s be honest — one officer can’t solve a problem downtown that has a very complicated solution. However, one officer at OHS can help protect the very real threat going on in high schools all over our country — of students bringing guns onto campus and shooting innocent teachers and children.

The timing of removing Officer Curtright is ironic — after the recent incident at Black Hills High School. Is this not warning enough of the foolishness of this choice?

I urge the OPD to reconsider this choice and choose the safety of our kids over a Band-Aid solution for the homeless problem downtown.

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