Olympia treats LGBT better than Christians

OlympiaDecember 20, 2013 

It has been puzzling to watch Olympia struggle with not being selected among the most gay-friendly cities in Washington. We were shocked. Then indignant. But now, as a recent letter to the editor whispered, we must face the notion that some LGBT people here understand the ranking.

But what evidence supports the premise that the community is not gay-friendly? We have at least one parade which encourages all forms of gayness. Openly gay people and opinions are frequently featured in the paper, especially in the arts. Sex education is nonjudgmental by law and intent. We had at least one gay city councilman. I can think of no unfriendly action taken towards gays by the community as a whole. What has hurt our reputation?

It’s not like we treat our gay community like we do the Christians. Christians are opposed in schools and public buildings when trying to express their joy during their most sacred seasons. The community rains on that parade. They are called ignorant for “clinging to their guns and Bibles.” (Or does the president not speak for this very blue city?)

Christians are routinely attacked in this letters section for being different and preferring less popular morals and sexuality. They are even prosecuted for trying to live their beliefs by what they sell in their drugstores or choose not to perform in their hospitals.

I wonder where Olympia ranks among faith friendly towns? I wonder if Olympia cares?

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