Are we helping or harassing those in need this season?

OlympiaDecember 22, 2013 

Last week, while biking to work through downtown, I noticed a police cruiser and SUV parked on the corner of Fifth and Capital, talking to a fellow who looked to be down on his luck to say the least (homeless). Whatever had happened was pretty much over and the policemen were heading back to the cruiser and it sure looked like one of the policeman (pretty young) was smiling.

Was this a born from frustration, exasperation? I pulled up next to the down-on-his-luck man and asked him if he was OK, and his only mumbled response was, “I wasn’t even doing anything” (perhaps not verbatim but darned close).

So now I am left wondering if the cop was harassing this poor guy, who had nothing, nowhere to go, for no reason other than not moving along. Instead of extending a helping hand to someone in their time of need (“Footsteps” comes to mind, yes?), we’re slapping them.

Tis the season to help, not hurt.

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