I-5 delay was hard to swallow

OlympiaDecember 25, 2013 

I ’ve read all the information about the huge, Dec. 16 accident and back-up on Interstate 5, which caused me to take eight hours to get from West Seattle to Olympia. What I have not seen anywhere is why there was no information for those of us stuck in the middle of the back-up. The signs on the highway said there was an accident at Mounts Road and a detour was in place. The DOT website said the same thing as well as saying that the left lane was open. Obviously DOT didn’t realize that they have a camera at that location which showed nothing was moving at I-5 and Mounts Road. I still have not seen any information about that detour. And the entire time I sat there I never saw one Washington State Patrol car. There is no way to get off the highway when you are stranded in the middle of Joint Base Lewis-McChord.I’m beginning to think we live in a third-world country. The only way to get form Tacoma to Olympia is I-5. And it’s obvious if something goes wrong with that route, there’s no way to fix it or to get information to the people who are stranded. I hate to complain without a solution. High-speed rail? Oh that’s right, we can’t even pass a transportation budget. Thanks to The Olympian for letting me vent.

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