Hospital’s budget numbers don’t make sense

OlympiaDecember 26, 2013 

It’s the year end and that means hospital administrators and CEOs are looking for their year-end bonus at the expense of their employees. Locally, one facility has implemented a hiring freeze. Never mind that they have been working understaffed for 17 months from previous staff cuts. It’s hard to believe a facility budgeting a 1.7 percent margin is only achieving a 0.55 percent year-to-date when so many people are using their health insurance because their premiums are going up next year, the staff see it.

If you have a health care facility behind on its budget how can they afford to replace a piece of diagnostic technology for $1.1 million? How can they purchase new patient beds for a quarter of a million dollars? How can one purchase three new ultrasound machines for close to $400,000 or 12 new laser scalpels, all from a facility that’s not making budget with a hiring freeze? Workers are without a contract for two years. This corporation uses a corporate lawyer to negotiate a contract with workers because the corporate leadership doesn’t want to sit in the room with their own workers and talk to them. It’s no wonder Jesus was born in a manger, Mary couldn’t afford a delivery room and since Jesus was born in December that’s when health care administrators push for their year-end bonus. You have health care administrators wondering how to spend their year-end bonus while workers wonder how they will pay their bills after their hours were reduced.

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