Lacey should ban plastic bags

LaceyDecember 28, 2013 

T he plastic industry continues to produce items that are difficult to recycle. Only about 6.5 percent of all plastic is recycled. A large portion of our landfills are filling up with plastic. There is a huge floating mass of plastic in the Pacific Ocean called the North Pacific Gyre that endangers sea life. Our beaches are littered with plastic debris. If a person were to go for a walk along our streets and sidewalks and pick up litter, he would find plastic bags, plastic water bottles, plastic candy wrappers, plastic fast food drink containers, etc. Plastic bags cannot be recycled because there is little demand for them in the recycling industry. But some people place them in the curbside recycle cart anyway. These bags clog up the recycling sorting machinery causing expensive maintenance. Over 100 major U.S. cities have banned carry-out plastic bags. We should do the same in Lacey.

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