Spend some time auditing DSHS

OlympiaDecember 28, 2013 


read in the news today about yet another law suit filed against the state Department of Social and Health Services. As our new governor (the one who ran on no new taxes) is trying to figure out how to raise more taxes to handle whatever he thinks needs to be handled, maybe he should also think about raising a substantial amount of new taxes in order to cover all the lawsuits that the DSHS has to pay out. Or even better, maybe the governor and Legislature should review the DSHS operation and get them to clean up their act so the taxpayers don’t have to work overtime to cover their mistakes. I remember years ago when the state auditor was doing his job that the sitting governor (don’t want to mention her name) told the auditor to not worry about DSHS audit, just worry about all the other departments. Of course, the DSHS has continued to malfunction at the cost of the residents of Washington.

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