Restaurant Inspections for Jan. 1

OlympianJanuary 1, 2014 

Comments are taken directly from the latest Thurston County inspection reports, which are available at each food establishment and at the Thurston County Environmental Health Office. For questions concerning these reports, contact the health office at 360-867-2667.

Reading Inspection Scores:

  •  As of May 2013, Compliance Ratings (percentage scores) will no longer be given due to changes in the state food code.
  •  Attention should be given to the type of violation (red versus blue) and whether the restaurant has a history of red violations or repeat violations.
  •  Red violations are those most likely to cause food-borne illness and must be corrected immediately if feasible or according to a compliance schedule established by the health officer. Example: not keeping food at the right temperature.
  •  Blue violations relate to the overall cleanliness and condition of operation and must be corrected according to a compliance schedule established by the health officer. Example: floor is worn and needs replacing.
Tofu Hut

4804 Pacific Ave. E, Lacey

Dec. 3: Routine check

15 red; 14 blue

Comments: Red — Several employees were missing food handler cards. Tofu in top of small make case was 60 degrees, and eggs in top of make case were 47 degrees. Cold storage must be 41 degrees or colder. Blue — No thermometer was found in make case. Mats on floor of kitchen collect food and other debris and should be cleaned regularly. Two boxes of produce were sitting on floor in basement. Lights were not shielded in basement storage area.

Farrelli’s Pizza & Pool Co.

4870 Yelm Highway SE, Lacey

Dec. 3: Routine check

0 red; 9 blue

Comments: Blue — Water bebris has collected on shelf in ice machine. Various areas of facility need extra cleaning or repairs. Sheild missing for lights in dry storage area.

Happy Teriyaki

2915 Harrison Ave., Olympia

Dec. 4: Routine check

25 red; 28 blue

Comments: Red — Head cook failed to wash hands or had to be reminded when it was necessary to wash hands. Head cook was observed wiping his nose, washing utensils, and picking items up off the floor and did not wash hands or put on new gloves before returning to food prep. Blue — Employee’s open drink was on counter near food prep area. Sanitizer cloths on counter were both without sanitizer residual. Restrooms need better care and attention. They appeared filthy with paint peeling, dirty floors, holes. In general, most walls and floors, are in need of attention.

Westside Deli

2200 Garfield St., Olympia

Dec. 6: Routine check

0 red; 0 blue


2200 Garfield St., Olympia

Dec. 6: Routine check

30 red; 13 blue

Comments: Red — Couple of cooks had expired food handler cards. Cook making several hot sandwiches without the use of gloves. Blue — Open employee drink next to slicer. Interior of ice machine has scum build-up on inside plastic deflector lip. Shelves in dry storage with bare wood due to paint being worn down. Shelves must be resurfaced.

La Gitano Pizzeria

510 Capitol Way S, Olympia

Dec. 4: Routine check

0 red; 0 blue

Curry House of India

8765 Tallon Lane NE, Lacey

Dec. 10: Routine check

5 red; 6 blue

Comments: Red — Two food handler cards posted, but four workers were on site. Blue — Ice scoop stored inside ice chest with ice. Restroom door is not self-closing.

Mi Casa Mexican Grill

2747 Pacific Ave. SE, Olympia

Dec. 6: Routine check

0 red; 0 blue

Eastside Big Tom

2023 Fourth Ave. E, Olympia

Dec. 6: Routine check

10 red; 5 blue

Comments: Red — One compartment of the three-compartment sink must be kept clear for handwashing. Blue — Keep in-use wiping cloths soaking in a sanitizing solution.


4521 Lacey Blvd. SE, Lacey

Dec. 6: Routine check

0 red; 0 blue

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