Bashing of Affordable Care Act ignores the positives

LaceyJanuary 2, 2014 

Congratulations to The Olympian for printing one of the most offensive and self-serving articles I have ever read in your paper. Kathleen Rogers was so busy patting herself on the back and deriding President Barack Obama that I am surprised she had time to finish the article.

How nice that her family has insurance and oh-so-sad they might have to pay a bit more under the Affordable Care Act.

No mention of the thousands, nay, millions who now can buy health insurance when once they were denied due to pre-exisiting conditions. Let’s not think of anyone but our own comfortable selves. No mention of the fact that we will be, at last, among other first-world nations whose citizens can all access health care.

Is she the idea of a fair-minded Board of Contributors member?

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