Republicans don’t merit elected offices anymore

TumwaterJanuary 6, 2014 

Stand up and vote the immoral Republicans out of office. In 2010, Republicans campaigned on: jobs, jobs, jobs. Three years later, they have created no jobs.

They lied. They helped the real “takers,” the rich 1 percent and corporations, from 1980 - 2007, with a 285-plus percent increase in wealth while flat-lining the rest of us, and the Great Recession in 2008.

They bailed out bankers, but not the people. No bankers went to jail while millions lost their jobs, homes and livelihoods. From 2009 - 2013, the top 1 percent and corporations took in 90 percent of all income and wealth. Their legacy is the greatest income and wealth inequity in our history. It’s their “Happy New Year” wish for us.

It is so wrong, despicable, outrageous, immoral, rotten, corrupt, disgusting, non-Christian, un-American, and it has to be stopped. We must vote them out.

They want to cut spending now, after their spending caused our huge national debt. Add it up: Ronald Reagan, $3 trillion; George H.W. Bush, almost $2 trillion; and George W. Bush, $8.5 trillion. It’s over $13 trillion of the $17 trillion national debt. And, they stole the $2 trillion Social Security Trust fund.

Republicans don’t merit the White House or any elected office anymore. They only want wars and to give everything to the rich. This is their grand plan to take away our democracy, liberty, freedom, social security, Medicare, Medicaid and our pursuit of happiness from us — all so they get richer.

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