Steilacoom Oil tanker traffic poses risk to Haro Strait

OlympiaJanuary 9, 2014 

Tanker traffic on Haro Strait could significantly increase, causing jams and risks. A story Dec. 29 highlighted the situation as proposals for oil pipelines and coal shipping by rail up north are being pushed by oil companies and politicians. The dangers are real and must be considered.

However, The Olympian article did not mention the most crucial concern: Fossil fuels, like oil and coal, will send the climate heating over the top unless we change energy use now. The scientific findings about this are coming out right and left.

Perhaps the most known and respected is a paper by James Hansen and his colleagues titled, “Climate sensitivity, sea level and atmospheric carbon dioxide.” The climateprogress blog summary is a must read, the report paper is more comprehensive.

The authors conclude: “It seems implausible that humanity will not alter its energy course as consequences of burning all fossil fuels become clearer. Yet strong evidence about the dangers of human-made climate change has so far had little effect. Whether governments continue to be so foolhardy as to allow or encourage development of all fossil fuels may determine the fate of humanity.”

We must turn away from fossil fuels. This not only would save Haro Strait from congestion and damage but would save life on earth.

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