The for-profit mind arson makes a totalitarian state

OlympianJanuary 10, 2014 


Common Core is a profit-based system for private corporations funded by taxpayer dollars. When the few states remaining sign on to Common Core standards it will license Congress to undermine the 1965 Elementary and Secondary Education Act. The federal government will make it law to partner private interest in the classroom out of our pockets and the new K- 12 curriculum is nothing short of mind arson.

The big business is called human capital management. The data collection with the implementation of digital citizenship through Common Core opens the gate to futuristic pedagogy and our new education system. Workforce education in the classroom making Washington a totalitarian state.

The school board lobbyist has done his job. The definition of bureaucrat is an official who works by fixed routine without exorcism of intelligent judgement. The software backbone to Georgia States Common Core pre-k program is powered by Core Corp. out of India. This private corporation employs assessment of students assimilation of concepts taught as early as they can get online.

That business tracks 20 million students in America and this years profit has increased 21 percent bringing Core Corp. 1.01 billion rupees.

Think about that before offering the school levy $8 million for more computers.


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