Pot law is spreading police officers too thin

OlympianJanuary 10, 2014 


Surprise! Why are so many people upset about the influx of transients, and the trouble it brings?

Downtown Olympia has become the hot spot for these people. The transplants are under the impression that you can smoke pot openly. With the violence downtown, soon no one will go there to shop and that hurts our small businesses and economy.

Police officers are being pulled away from schools and placed downtown to handle the violence caused by these transplants. Let’s also not forget that our tax dollars are being used to support them. It has already cost millions of dollars to try and set up a program for people to smoke pot. So our tax dollars are being wasted just to get wasted.

That a police officer may have been able to stop a school shooting, God forbid. Now the officer must work downtown Olympia. No values anymore. We have taught our children to say no to drugs and now we provide a pathway for stronger drug use.

No pros to this law. It’s all cons. I vote to repeal this law, what say you?


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