Plastic-bag solution means people taking responsibility

OlympiaJanuary 11, 2014 

I saw in The Olympian that another person wants the plastic bags outlawed in Lacey. Outlawing the bags will not solve our plastic problem. Just after I read the article, I was out on I-5. There was plastic, cardboard, paper, wood and metal lining both sides of the highway.

So with this kind of thinking we will need to eliminate anything that we use to wrap things in. We have people out there who irnore the laws already on the books.

In the last 50 to 60 years we have created a society that thinks of themselves and no one else. Let’s leave others alone and work at teaching our children to respect and love society. Plastic does not get there by itsself. Cars do not get DUIs. Guns do not fire themselves.

It’s time to start correcting our problems. Our America is disappearing. Get busy educating our children to pick up after themselves.

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