Blaming Republicans for all that’s wrong in US

LaceyJanuary 14, 2014 

I am a Republican. According to Michael Fuller’s Letter to this paper on Jan. 6, this makes me the lowest form of life there is. Some kind of twisted combination of Adolf Hitler, Bernie Madoff and Jeffrey Dahmer.

In case you missed it, his point was that everything wrong in this country is the sole responsibility of the Republican Party. Unemployment, the national debt, that girl that dumped you in 8th grade, all the fault of Republicans. If the Seahawks loose Saturday, that’s on us too I suppose.

We “only want wars” and to “give everything to the rich” as part of our “grand plan to take away Democracy, Liberty, Freedom” and just about everything else you hold dear. Seriously?

How does this paper print such hateful, unsubstantiated garbage? Would you print the sick racist rants of a Klansman? Of course not. So how does this lunacy make it past your editorial board? Oh, that’s right. You guys probably agree with him.

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