Time to talk about the zombies in the room

OlympiaJanuary 15, 2014 

A recent op-ed suggested Olympia residents’ preference for “three-buck-chuck” might be responsible for the recent closure of two downtown Olympia wine merchants. First, this comment is insulting to residents, and it trivializes the loss. Second, the editors of The Olympian seem to avoid discussion of the real reason: zombies.

The entire downtown core is clogged with shuffling, incoherent, brain-dead, sidewalk-blocking human blobs, muttering about spare change. It will get worse.

Why anyone would open a retail business in downtown Olympia is a mystery. Until the City Council awakes from its stupor and enacts loitering and vagrancy laws, the problem will only get worse.

I predict a continued business exodus from the downtown core until it resembles the Hilltop area in Tacoma in the 1980s. Maybe then the lawmakers will understand that they have been derelict.

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